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Project Arm

Funded projects increase the capacity of the Institute of Education (IOE) and the Joint Board of Teacher Education (JBTE) to:
  • Promote professional development in teacher education
  • Increase the output of research of the Institute on teacher education
  • Introduce innovations and support reforms in teacher education and other parts of the education sector
  • Provide affordable material to support the teacher education curriculum
  • Revise and update syllabuses and curricula
  • Respond to needs and emergencies expeditiously.
Members of staff of the IOE direct these funded projects and take full responsibility for the quality of the projects and for their implementation. Project coordinators, consultants, and other project staff are employed from project funds. The JBTE/IOE manage several major projects designed to facilitate, inform and support early childhood, primary and secondary education by reforming or strengthening teacher education. They include the following:

Along with these projects:

1. The Institute of Education & The Joint Board has developed and pilot-tested the application of audiovisual techniques as a vehicle for simultaneous delivery to several classrooms, thus paving the way for the development of enhanced data communication modalities involving teachers’ colleges, cooperating schools and the IOE/JBTE.

2. A College Manager information system has been developed to provide a research database on student performance.

3. A parallel application of the Virtual University system was initiated specifically for project conferencing and management. This is now in use by the Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Teacher Training.

The Joint Board of Teacher Education
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