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Improving Educational Quality II (2000–2002)

The Improving Educational Quality (IEQ/II) Project was a two-year joint initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development. Directed by Errol Miller. Other members of staff of the IOE who served as consultants were Marceline Collins-Figueroa, Vileitha Davis-Morrison, Clement Lambert and Ceva McPherson-Kerr.

The project’s objective was to help create the tools for building skills and knowledge among pre-service teachers that would help them to successfully utilize the new primary school curriculum being implemented in Jamaican schools. 
This project focused on four areas: language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.

JBTE was responsible for revising the curriculum of the four areas targeted by the project, viz., language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The project’s collaborative approach utilized the expertise of lecturers in the teachers colleges and education officers, under the direction of Institute of Education lecturers in the subject areas.
  • The development of revised curriculum documents in the targeted subjects
  • A series of workshops aimed at transforming the traditional approach to teacher preparation to one which more appropriately reflected the methodologies of the revised primary curriculum
  • The strengthening of teachers’ college lecturers’ assessment capabilities
The evaluation at the end of the pilot phase also revealed the following:
  • Increased collegial collaboration and interface among lecturers, both at the inter- and intra-college levels
  • Widened range of classroom strategies, which led to more practical and hands-on experiences for the student
  • Greater use of computer-based media in the teaching/learning experiences

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