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Primary Education Support Project(2002–2004) - Revision of Teachers’ College Primary Curriculum

Funded by the Inter-American Development Bank. Directed by Errol Miller. IOE consultants were Vilma Charlton, Hyacinth Evans, Nadine Scott and Joan Tucker. Other consultants were Rev. Ambrose Findlay and Brian Heap, adjunct external examiners.

The project’s aim is to revise six subjects in Jamaican teachers colleges’ primary curriculum to incorporate the knowledge and competencies demanded by the revised curriculum being implemented in Jamaican primary schools by the Ministry of Education, Jamaica. This entails revising the existing curricula for education, music, physical education, religious education, and visual art, and developing a curriculum for dance. As this project continues the activity initiated under the IEQ/II project, a seamless fit between the two is essential—for they speak to the same curriculum preparing teachers for the primary system.
Expected Outcome
  • A professional development plan for training the primary teacher
  • The development of revised curriculum documents
  • The transformation of traditional approaches to primary teacher preparation so they more appropriately reflect the methodologies and content of the revised primary school curriculum
  • Strengthening the assessment capabilities of teachers college lecturers
Strategies include the following activities by college lecturers:
  • Creating personal professional development plans that take account of the professional development scheme and the general and specific objectives for transforming teaching in their specialization
  • Engaging in reflective practice through portfolios
  • Videotaping and critiquing their own teaching
Involving the staff of teachers colleges at all the strategic points of the revision process is crucial. These key stakeholders’ acceptance and ownership are needed to create the environment for promoting this paradigm shift in teacher preparation.
The project processes and activities are intended to strengthen the climate for research within teachers colleges, foster a culture for integrating technology into the day-to-day activity of institutions, and improve lecturers’ assessment and evaluation strategies and techniques. Accelerated learning strategies in the training of college lecturers is one important component. Accelerated learning is an umbrella term for an approach to learning that benefits from knowledge about how the brain functions, accessing different intelligences and learning styles in recalling and retaining information and creating participative, interactive learning environments.

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