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Sustainable Teacher Environmental Education Project II (Steep II, 2005 - 2007)

Sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency and the Government of Jamaica. Directed by Marceline Collins-Figueroa. Project coordinators were Rose Davies of the Institute of Education, Lincoln Phipps of Shortwood Teachers’ College and Doreen Parris of Church Teachers College. 

The Joint Board of Teacher Education (JBTE) is implementing this project as part of a national environmental action plan aimed at developing citizens “who are prepared to participate in creating and maintaining a sustainable Jamaica”. The project has two aspects:
  • Curriculum revision and implementation of secondary science courses and the early childhood education programme of the JBTE to infuse environmental education
  • Support for approaches to institutionalize environmental education for sustainable development (EESD) in two pilot teachers colleges, Shortwood Teachers’ College and Church Teachers’ College. This demonstration project seeks to enhance the capacity of colleges to integrate ecological, economic, and social considerations in teacher education and campus stewardship activities; and to develop learner-centred, experiential, interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning in EESD.
Project activities include professional development workshops for all sectors of the college communities to vision, plan, and reflect on implementation; action projects and research; partnership building; and curriculum review and implementation.
  • Revision and implementation of JBTE secondary science and early childhood education curricula
  • College-wide stewardship activities to conserve water and energy; reduce waste, especially paper; and maintain and beautify college campuses
  • Functioning, multi-sector environmental committees
  • Student stewards who monitor the use of resources on the campuses
  • Active environmental and gardening clubs
  • Celebration of environmental calendar days through assemblies, talks, and classroom subject infusion
  • Training in proposal writing which culminated in lecturers seeking to access funds to achieve their vision of developing resource centres for EESD and nature trails for teaching and learning
  • Ongoing action research by some lecturers into their environmental teaching and student learning
  • Representatives of all sectors of the college communities sensitized through workshops about EESD and the potential of EESD for attaining campus sustainability
  • Partnership building with organizations such as RADA and the Forestry Department

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