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Reform of Secondary Education (ROSE)—Teacher Training Component (1994–1999)

Funded by the World Bank and the Government of Jamaica. Directed by Errol Miller.

This project focused on providing in-service teacher training to over 5,000 teachers of grades 7–9 in 124 project schools. The aim was to provide teachers with the knowledge needed to implement the revised lower secondary curriculum of the Ministry of Education. The basic elements of the inservice teacher training strategy were:

  • The employment of subject specialists deployed in five regional teams and placed in teachers colleges across the country. Their responsibility was the inservice training of teachers to support the implementation of the ROSE reform in their schools.
  • The deployment and delivery of 45-hour methodology courses taught over 10 days by the subject specialists in the summers during the five years of the project. The courses were designed to orient and prepare teachers to implement the defining features of the ROSE reform in each of the five subjects included in the project.
  • Support to teachers implementing the new methodologies through regular school visits each school year by the subject specialists.
  • Workshops for clusters of schools as a result of needs identified by subject specialists in their school visits and at the request of the teachers themselves.
  • The development and use of self-study distance-teaching modules in both the content and methodology prescribed by the ROSE curriculum in the five subjects.
In 1999 the Ministry of Education was awarded the World Bank’s Quality Award for its execution of the ROSE project. In each of the supervisory visits conducted during the life of the project, the Teacher Training Component was cited as the “star performer” of the six components of the project.

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