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Accreditation Status

(i) Where a subject department or programme is accredited by the JBTE, all grades for examination and course work for students in all three years will be accepted by the JBTE without external examination for the period of accreditation. 

Normally, the date of accreditation shall coincide with the commencement of the academic year. During this period of accreditation, the department and the institution of which it is a part shall continue to comply with the regulations of the JBTE. Where an institution, and/or department is proven to have deviated significantly from the JBTE Regulations, the Board can withdraw accreditation.

(ii) Where conditions in a subject department have remained essentially the same, the Board may use its discretion to grant an extension of one year.

(iii) Where a department/programme is not accredited, external examination will be required at each examination sitting.

(iv) Where a department/institution applies for and fails to be granted accreditation status, the JBTE shall set out in writing to the Board of the institution, through the principal, the area or areas in which the department/institution failed to satisfy the accreditation criteria. Where a department/institution fails to obtain the accreditation status in two successive years, the JBTE, in addition to informing the Board of the institution, shall set up an investigation to determine the exact reasons for the observed weaknesses. If these are not known or accepted by the parties concerned, the Board of the institution, through the principal, should be informed of the findings.

The Joint Board of Teacher Education
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