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Examination Guidelines for Accredited Departments/Institutions

Where a department/institution has been duly accredited by the JBTE and where a particular course or subject is examined at a time not coinciding with that of any other institution, the Internal Examiner of the subject/department will have the privilege of carrying out the entire examination process - from the drafting of questions papers to the finalisation of grades ¬without recourse to the duly appointed examiners, except where the Internal Examiner chooses such recourse. In carrying out this process, the following conditions must be fulfilled: there should be at least two qualified professionals in the subject agreeing to the final question paper set and marking scheme, and also participating in the moderation of the scripts. Where an institution has only one competent specialist in the subject, the Examination Board shall appoint a competent professional in whom it has confidence to be the second person.
(ii) Where an accredited department/institution is setting a paper in common with other institutions, it shall be obliged to conform to the regulations for External Examinations in the drafting and finalization of the question papers and in the construction of the marking scheme. It will also be required to participate in such moderation exercises as are planned by the External Examiner in order to set a common Marking Standard. While it will not be required to submit the scripts to the External Examiner, a mechanism must be in place for peer review to ensure objectivity in the examination process and comparability of standards. 

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