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Process of Accreditation

(i) The JBTE shall appoint an Accreditation Panel which shall consist of at least three professionals in the subject field who are external to the institutions. Normally such persons shall be drawn from personnel in the University, the Ministry of Education and practicing educators in the school system. 

(ii) The chairman of the Examinations/Accreditation Committee will have the responsibility to ensure that all members of each subject panel are conversant with the accreditation criteria of the JBTE. 

(iii) The subject panel shall gather information concerning the subject department in different institutions to be considered for accreditation in any particular year by the following procedures: 
  • Examination of the JBTE of Teacher Education records of returns from the institutions and departments concerning staffing, students and physical facilities. 
  • Visits to institutions during which panel members are expected to observe procedures, practices and physical facilities related to instruction and examinations and to interview staff and students where necessary. 
  • Examination of departmental records and procedures concerning compliance with JBTE requirements, especially those related to instruction and examinations. 
  • Study of the external examiners’ reports on student achievement, college procedures and passing standards that are being maintained in that subject area in the particular institution.
(iv) Having collected data on the particular subject/department, the panel must compare such data with the appropriate criteria established by the JBTE. 

(v) Having assessed the subject/department against JBTE criteria, the panel shall make a written submission to the Examinations/Accreditation Committee, setting out its recommendations concerning accreditation of the various subject/departments. A copy of the recommendations on a subject/department of a particular institution should simultaneously be delivered to the principal of the institution. The principal must receive the copy of the recommendation at least two weeks prior to the meeting of the committee at which the recommendations will be discussed. 

(vi) An institution through its principal may challenge recommendations of a subject panel on one or more of four grounds: 
  • The data reported in the submissions are substantially incorrect. 
  • The criteria of the JBTE were not interpreted and applied correctly. 
  • The procedures for accreditation established in these regulations were not followed. 
  • The panel was not properly constituted. 
(vii) Where an institution challenges the recommendations of the panel, it must do so in writing, stating the grounds, prior to the meeting of the Examinations/ Accreditation Committee at which the recommendations are discussed. 

(viii) The Examinations/Accreditation Committee must consider the recommendations of all accreditation panels and any challenges to them, and report to the JBTE its own recommendations. 

(ix) Where the JBTE upholds a challenge to the recommendations of an accreditation panel, the department/programme shall be granted temporary accreditation for a period not exceeding twelve months, during which a final determination of the accreditation status of the subject/department must be arrived at. 

(x) Accreditation is not a permanent condition and institutions will be subject to periodic review to ensure that the conditions for accreditation are being maintained. Where an institution, having been granted accreditation, has failed to maintain the conditions required for such accreditation, the JBTE may withdraw the accredited status. 

The Joint Board of Teacher Education
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