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Specific Requirements

The institution having satisfied the general requirements will then apply for accreditation in the relevant subject departments or programmes. To receive the accreditation status, a subject department must satisfy the following specific requirements: 

(i) Students studying in that department or programme must satisfy the subject requirements established by the JBTE for that particular department or programme in which they are enrolled. For example, if the programme is teaching students in the secondary programme these students must possess CXC General Proficiency I or II, or its equivalent in that subject area. Accordingly, returns about qualifications of students related to these subject requirements should be made annually to the JBTE. 

(ii) Staff deployed to teach in that department each year must satisfy the criteria established by the Ministry of Education for tutors in that particular subject area. Yearly returns should be made to the JBTE on the qualifications of the staff deployed to teach in a department. 

(iii) The physical facilities, that is, the classrooms and/or laboratories and/or workshops, and/or equipment and library stock related to the subject area must satisfy the JBTE criteria for those subject areas as indicated on the various syllabuses. 

(iv) Annual Records must be kept and made available at any time concerning the compliance of the staff and students of the department with the regulations of the JBTE governing hours of instruction. 

(v) There should be evidence that suitable teaching materials have been obtained and are being used in the instructional process. 

(vi) The examination process must be carried out according to the JBTE Regulations. 

(vii) The standard of passing in that subject area must be in keeping with the stated requirements and competences specified by the JBTE for that subject area in each programme and at each year level. 

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