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Aims of Teacher Training

At the end of the training process, it is the aim of the JBTE to produce teachers who possess the necessary competencies to take their place as leaders in society. These competencies will encompass knowledge and understanding of their teaching subject(s), appropriate pedagogical expertise and an understanding of their role as teachers.

The environment of teacher education should provide rich opportunities for students and tutors to engage in:

(a) cooperative learning processes;

(b) reflective activities which promote self and peer analysis;

(c) inquiry and problem-solving activities;

(d) learner-centred processes;

(e) exposure to principles of relevant theories of learning.

In general, the teaching/learning experiences should involve a high degree of interactiveness with meaningful dialogue and discussion among students and between students and lecturers. They should also encompass the development of desired personal attributes and skills that the teacher must possess. Through such activities the following knowledge, skills and attitudes will be developed:

A. Knowledge and Understanding

B. Skills and Abilities

C. Personal Qualities

When the principal of a college signs a student’s diploma, he/she is in fact stating that the college has found the individual acceptable in terms of these attributes. The signature of the Chairman of the JBTE from the School of Education, University of the West Indies, is to indicate that through the process of external examinations and accreditation, the JBTE has found the individual to possess the necessary academic and professional skills and knowledge needed for teaching. The signature of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education or nominee implies that the Ministry will register this person; having been assured that he/she has met the academic, professional, moral and social requirements of the profession as certified by the College and the University of the West Indies.

The Joint Board of Teacher Education
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