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Personal Qualities

Ideally, the teacher should display a reasonable combination of the following attributes and values:

(1) The teacher should display a desire for moral rectitude and academic excellence.

(2) The teacher should possess positive values and attitudes; he/she must be a person of integrity; he/she should be honest and in
possession of a sound value system and be prepared to be a role model for his/her students.

(3) The teacher should be emotionally stable with a high level of self-esteem and self-confidence.

(4) The teacher should be creative and adaptable and should possess a wholesome attitude to change. He/she should be able to assess the nature of a change and make decisions about it and should be willing to be a positive change agent.

(5) The teacher should be tolerant and should see religious, sociopolitical, ethnic and other diversities as a potential source of
strength and richness and he/she should value individual differences.

(6) The teacher should be imbued with a respect for human life and, as such, value each child he/she teaches and be willing to
respond effectively to his/her needs.

(7) The teacher should have a strong respect for cultural heritage and be willing to engage in nation building.

(8) The teacher should be committed to making the quality of life better for our children and, among other things, should therefore, be aware of and appreciate the importance of living in harmony with the environment.

(9) The teacher should exhibit self-awareness which will prompt him/her to seek expert help whenever advisable, as well as to
recommend it to his/her students and peers when warranted.

(10) The teacher should exhibit an inclination to engage in life-long learning and be prepared to begin, so to speak, a journey of
continued creative self-preparation and career-long professional development.

(11) The teacher should be capable of making informed decisions in major areas of his/her life.

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