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Skills & Abilities

The teacher should:

(1) develop a research orientation. Our people’s naturally inquiring minds should be channeled into an orientation to investigate and research and to improve what we do and create. The teacher should be able to facilitate this predisposition by himself/herself having an inclination to research, record and disseminate his/her findings.

(2) have the skill to create, enrich and maintain environments conducive to learning;

(3) be a critical thinker and problem solver;

(4) possess good communication skills;

(5) be able to utilize modern technologies in his/her teaching;

(6) possess good inter-personal skills and be able to encourage positive social interaction;

(7) demonstrate conflict-resolution skills;

(8) be able to make the teaching/learning activities of the classroom learner-centred; be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of his/her students, manage individual and group learning and manage learner behaviour;

(9) be able to make learning related to life.

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