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Assessment Structure

(a) Assessment Tasks 

(i) Normally courses will be evaluated by both course work and terminal examinations. In some instances, however, a course may be evaluated wholly through course work assignments. Course work, which is a requirement of all courses in all programmes offered under the JBTE regulations, should facilitate,inter alia, the assessment of competences and skills not assessable in the terminal examinations. 

(ii) Assessment may be conducted through tasks such as essays and objective type questions, oral and practical examinations. It may include strategies such as open book examinations, authentic/performance tasks, portfolios, case studies, action research, etc. Within each subject, a range of assessment strategies should be encouraged as appropriate to particular courses. 

(b) Course Work 

(i) Course work shall be the product of individual effort. Each subject department in an institution is expected to ensure that the work done is produced by the individual concerned. 

(ii) Major course work shall be decided by Boards of Studies at the start of the year. 

(iii) Where group work is used for purposes of assigning grades to individuals, each subject department in an institution is expected to ensure: 
    • that individual work done is produced by the individual concerned. 
    • that where group work is done, the individual's contribution should be evaluated. 
(iv) Course work shall be graded in accordance with the official grading system of the JBTE. 

(v) A number of course work assignments should be given across the duration of the course from which the following will contribute to the final grade: 
    • for a 2 credit course, one or two assignments 
    • for a 3 credit course, two or three assignments 
    • for a 4 or 5 credit course, three or four assignments 
    • for a 6 credit course, four assignments 
(vi) In arriving at the final grade in any course or subject, except the practical courses, course work shall normally be weighted 40 percent and the written examination 60 percent. In certain courses, course work can be weighted as high as 60% with the approval of the JBTE. 

(vii) Where a course has a strong application focus a Board of Studies may seek the approval of the JBTE to have the course assessed by course work only in which case the number of course work assignments may be increased. 

(viii) Course work grades shall be submitted to the Secretariat of the JBTE along with the examination mark on the designated mark sheet. 

(ix) Course work shall be kept by departments for at least one semester to be available for possible perusal by External Examiners or the Accreditation Panel. 

(c) JBTE Language Policy and the Assessment Scheme

The JBTE Language Policy acknowledges the importance of good communication skills to the teacher. The development of language skill therefore cannot be deemed the responsibility of the Language Arts Department only, but that of the entire college. Other subject areas must give appropriate attention to good language usage and help in lessening the disconnect that often occurs between skills taught in language arts courses and their application in other subject areas. It is therefore mandatory that the mark scheme for all course work assignments and examinations should allocate 10% of the marks to the use of English for all essays, extended writing and oral assignments.

(d) Recording and Storage of Examination Information

(i) The JBTE shall make mark sheets available to the colleges electronically or in paper form. Each college should immediately assign a number to each student and prepare the mark sheet along the following lines:
    • The full names (surnames and all christian names) of the students in alphabetical order and grouped according to programmes and options shall be recorded and the correctness of the names shall be verified from the candidates’ birth certificates. 
    • Initials shall not be recorded on the mark sheet. 
(ii) The Joint Board of Teacher Education shall adhere to the spelling of names as presented to it by the colleges. Only such spelling shall appear on diplomas or certificates.

(iii) The Mark Sheets shall be made available to the JBTE no later than the 10th week after the start of Semester I.

(iv) Examination scripts shall be stored by the JBTE for a period of at least one year.

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