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Examination Procedure(s)

(a) College Examination Board

(i) Each institution that is a member of the JBTE shall establish an Examination Board which will meet at least three times per year. It shall be chaired by the principal or the vice principal. A quorum shall consist of the principal or vice principal and one-third of the members.
(ii) Membership of this Board will consist of at least one representative from each department of the college, the principal or a vice principal and the examination coordinator. 

(iii) Each academic year, the Board shall appoint an internal examiner in each subject area offered by the college. The internal examiner shall be responsible to the Board for all aspects of the Examinations/ Accreditation process in the subject. 

(iv) The college, through its examinations board, shall be responsible for the following functions: 
  • drafting of question papers 
  • finalizing question papers set internally 
  • preparation of papers 
  • recording the presence of students at each examination 
  • conducting the examinations 
  • marking of papers 
  • ensuring confidentiality of the examination process in colleges 
  • monitoring student progress/performance 
  • internal moderation of papers 
  • recording of grades 
  • decisions on examination performance 
  • receiving reports on promotions and failures/ referrals 
(v) These responsibilities shall be for the examinations normally held in December and May and one supplemental examination per year held not later than the third week in August. 

(b) Appointment and Role of External Examiners 

(i) External Examiners in each of the subject areas should be recommended for a period of two years by Boards of Studies. These recommendations will be dealt with by the Examinations/Accreditation Committee. 

(ii) The first approach to the External Examiner should be made informally by the Chairman/Vice Chairman of the Board of Studies who should ascertain the External Examiner’s willingness to serve before the Board is asked to make a recommendation to the Examinations/ Accreditation Committee. 

(iii) An External Examiner for any course shall be appointed for not more than two years in the first instance. Such appointment may be extended. 

(iv) For each subject area, a Chief Examiner and an Arbitrator will be appointed from among the external examiners for that subject. 

(v) Apart from their examination duties, external examiners will be expected to attend Boards of Studies meetings and participate in any other such exercises that from time to time would give a working knowledge of syllabuses and procedures. 

(vi) In all cases the task of the external examiner will NOT be to replicate the work of the internal examiners (college tutors) but will involve scrutiny a sample of the performance of candidates after the examinations have been graded by college tutors. The external examiner will moderate the grades ensuring comparability of grades across colleges, and present a report to the JBTE and the tutors after discussion with relevant members of the Boards of Studies. 

(vii) The Chief Examiner shall be responsible for coordinating the external examination activities for that subject area.

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