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An Introductory Philosophical Statement

Over the last two or three decades, the Caribbean and the world at large have seen dramatic changes in most areas of life. It would be safe to say that knowledge has increased dramatically. The very concepts of “who is an educated person” and “what is education” have been redefined. Our society is making more demands than ever before on its education system in its thrust to avoid chaotic and negative distortion in its development. As a consequence, our teacher education institutions must produce professionals who can cope with the rapid change, technologically and otherwise, with the challenges of a new millennium, and the effects of internationalization and globalization.

It is critical that each professional be able to take a lead role in the preparation of our children for citizenship and so ensure local and regional excellence, integrity and stability in a global environment. These professionals must be positive models for all to emulate; in short, teachers must help to mold the ideal Caribbean person and in so doing shape the Caribbean society. In order to channel the natural adaptability, creativity and resilience of our society into directions that provide growth, institutions offering teacher education programmes should be driven by a philosophy which facilitates the development of professionals competent to contribute to the achievement of desired societal goals.

The Joint Board of Teacher Education
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