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Post-Certificate And Post-Diploma Programmes

Where colleges or a college, other member institution or the Ministry of Education wish the JBTE to certify or endorse programmes that they offer or intend offering, the following shall be observed: 

(i) The college shall establish the broad parameters of the programme in terms of purpose, objectives, level of competence to be achieved, curriculum, type of teachers to be recruited and the particular need that is being addressed in the educational system. 

(ii) The principal shall provide proof of the college's ability to mount the programme in terms of staff, physical facilities, finances and approval of its Board. 

(iii) Sole authority shall be remitted to the JBTE to undertake the assessment of the achievement of students in the programme in terms of the criteria previously established. 

(iv) Where the conditions outlined in (i) and (iii) have been satisfied, the JBTE shall award a Special Certificate, Diploma or Associate Degree related to the particular programme. 

The Joint Board of Teacher Education
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