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The Teacher Educator

Colleges have a responsibility to engage in an ongoing programme of staff development and recruitment and so ensure a cadre of professionals who can play a vital role in the development of teachers with the required competencies, values and attitudes. The ideal teacher-educator should:

  • Have pedagogical and subject competence in order to foster the intellectual development of the trainee teacher.
  • ave a knowledge of assessment processes and issues.
  • Treat students with respect and dignity, valuing and utilizing the experiences that they bring to the learning process and display tolerance to divergent views.
  • Encourage autonomy and independent thought among his/her students.
  • Be able to contribute to growth of knowledge through research and periodic professional development. This should lead them to foster the desire for the quest for knowledge among their own students.
  • Understand the culture and ethos of the teacher education environment and share in the vision of his/her particular institution.
  • Provide a positive model for students’ emulation through his/her personal and professional conduct and be a mentor to the trainee teacher.
  • Be able to motivate the trainee teacher to strive for excellence.
  • Be aware of the realities of the contemporary classroom and be able to prepare the trainee teacher to operate efficiently in it.
  • Be a reflective thinker and in turn facilitate students in their engagement of reflective practices.

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