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(a) Students who have completed a course of study approved by the JBTE and who have satisfied the conditions of passing as set out in these regulations, shall be deemed to have qualified for the award of the JBTE Diploma in Teaching. 

(b) The qualification for certification shall be successful completion of the programme approved by the JBTE, and the possession of qualities and characteristics suitable for teaching. 

(c) i. Teacher's Diploma shall not be valid unless it has been approved by and carries the signature of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education or his/her nominee, the Principal for the College or his/her nominee, and the Chairman of the JBTE or the Director of the School of Education, University of the West Indies. 

ii. Any one of the signatories in (c) (i) above may withhold his/her signature, and advise the JBTE accordingly of his/her reason(s) for doing so. 

iii. Where a diploma is withheld in accordance with (ii) above, the student’s name shall not appear on the pass list until the JBTE subsequently approves the award of the diploma.

The Joint Board of Teacher Education
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