Aegrotat Award

(i) A student who is absent from not more than 50 percent of the written examinations through illness may, on the application of the principal and with the approval of the JBTE, submit course work in the subjects not completed to the External Examiners who may recommend Pass or Failure. 

(ii) Normally, any such application must be made at the time when scripts are sent to the Secretary of the JBTE and must be accompanied by: 
  • medical certificate covering the period of the examination; 
  • a statement from the college principal that the student has satisfactorily covered the course(s). 
(iii) In making the recommendation for the awarding or withholding of an Aegrotat, the External Examiner shall take into consideration the assessment of coursework, college tests and any other evidence of the student’s academic and professional ability submitted by the principal. An Aegrotat candidate receiving award shall be granted the minimum passing grade of C-.
(iv) An Aegrotat may be awarded for the Teaching Practice provided the student has completed at least 8 weeks of the practice. 

(v) An Aegrotat will only be awarded to a student with good achievement records and will in no case be awarded for a course in which a student is referred. 

(vi) A student who wishes subsequently to sit the examination, having been granted an Aegotat, should be allowed to do so after surrendering the Aegrotat status and the examination grade shall stand. 

The Joint Board of Teacher Education
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