Levels of Passes

(i) The type of Diploma (i.e. Honours, Credit or Pass) awarded by the JBTE will be determined by the Grade Point Average (GPA) of the student. The GPA is calculated by averaging the individual grades of years 1, 2 & 3. (A detailed explanation of how to compute the GPA is to be found here.) 

(ii) Where an individual has been granted advanced placement, the type of award i.e. honours, credit or pass, shall be based on the overall average of all courses that he/she was required to complete. 

(iii) Diplomas awarded by the JBTE will be classified as follows:

Award GPA
Honors 3.4 - 4.0
Credit 2.7 - 3.39
Pass 1.7 - 2.69
Fail 0 - 1.69

(iv) Where in computing the GPA it is necessary to round off scores, this shall be done to the 2nd decimal point.

The Joint Board of Teacher Education
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