Part Two/Years II & III

(i) Examinations: each course will be treated independently and a student will be permanently credited with the courses passed subject to Examination Procedures as outlined in the assessment link.
(ii) Promotion into the next level of a subject will be determined by whether or not a student has satisfied the stated pre-requisite(s). 

(iii) A student will normally be allowed to carry no more than 6 credits above the prescribed number of credits for the year in which he/she is registered. Permission to exceed this number must be given by the Principal. Each request will be assessed on its own merit. 

(iv) Students may be allowed to pursue a combination of credits which cut across year levels. 

(v) In order to complete the programme successfully and graduate, a student must pass all courses specified and complete all outstanding requirements. 

Once a student has left the formal college system, the student will have six years to repeat any course(s) in which he/she has been referred or is incomplete. 

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