Release of Results

(i) Pass List: The list of examination results for each part for each institution shall be considered by the meeting of the JBTE called for that purpose. 

(ii) Principals may release Semester I examination grades obtained after the external examiner has finalised the grades. 

(iii) Principals may, announce unofficial results regarding students pass/fail status for years I and II once grades have been moderated with external examiners and cross-checked with the Secretariat. 

(iv) Year III results may be released after consideration by the Examinations/Accreditation Committee of the JBTE. 

(v) The lists of examination results for the Third year signed by the Chairman of the JBTE and showing Honours, Distinctions, Credits, Passes and Referrals in subjects, shall be forwarded to the Ministry of Education. 

(vi) Diplomas are issued twice per year i.e. in June and in December. 

The Joint Board of Teacher Education
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