Resitting & Repeating Courses

Resitting Courses:

(i) Students who have failed a course, may resit that course at the time of its next sitting in either December, May or August. The time of the resits will depend upon the discretion of the college, the desire of the individual and whether the course is being offered and examined in that semester.

(ii) A student who has failed a course is required to register for the course and attend classes before re-sitting the examination.

Repeating Courses:

(i) Where a student fails or is referred, it is at the discretion of the principal whether or not the student may be given permission to re-enter College and to attend classes in order to complete his/her studies. The college’s decision will depend on its resources and the extent to which the principal is convinced that a second opportunity would be beneficial to the student.

(iii) When a course is discontinued, one examination sitting will be allowed after the discontinuation to facilitate students who had failed the course. Thereafter students must register for the replacement course.

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