Advanced Placement (credit-based placement)

A student may be given advanced placement in the Diploma Programme on a credit basis. The applicants will be given credit for all courses in Years I, II and III for which he/she holds approved equivalent qualifications.

Students will, however, be required to do all the courses in Years I, II and III for which they have not been granted credit. The JBTE must give specific approval for the credits and exemptions granted to each candidate given advanced placement by credit. Advanced Placement may be granted to applicants holding passes in the following examinations: CXC, CAPE, GCE A Levels, Advanced certification in a teaching subject and degrees from a recognized institution. 
The requirements for matriculation should be periodically reviewed to ensure the best match between the required profile of the applicants to the teacher education programme and the available pool. 

(a) Transfer to Another College Where for good and proper reasons, a student is transferred to another college, the receiving college shall inform the JBTE in writing, the sending college shall dispatch the relevant documents to the receiving college and notify the JBTE in writing of the transfer. 

(b) Re-admission of Previous Withdrawals 

(i) Where for any good reason, a student withdraws from college in any of the three years; the JBTE shall be informed of this withdrawal. If, at any subsequent time, the college re-admits that student, the JBTE shall be informed at the time of re-admission that the student has resumed. 

(ii) On re-admission, the student must complete the programme in accordance with the conditions in force at the time of re-entry. Where there have been significant changes in course and/or programme content, the candidate’s transcript must be reviewed to determine whether any additional courses are necessary for successful completion of the programme. 

(iii) Where credit and/or course exemptions are sought by a student, such a student may be required to successfully complete qualifying examinations set by the College and approved by the JBTE. 

(c) Change of Programme or Specialization In any academic year, students, after consultation with their principals, may be allowed to change their programme or area of specialization, provided this is done within three teaching weeks of their commencement in college. 

(i) Challenge Examination An individual who deems himself/herself to have covered the content of a particular course but who may not have documentary proof which establishes such competence, may apply to sit the relevant examination as a challenge examination. Such an individual will have one chance to establish his/her competence. If unsuccessful in this attempt, he/she must take the JBTE course in question at a college of his/her choice and meet the stipulated conditions with regard to course work and attendance at lectures. Such a candidate must be registered with a JBTE institution.

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