Year One (Requirements for Mature Candidates)

Candidates over the age of 30 years seeking admission into the programme and who do not have the academic qualifications set out under the regular entry requirements section but who have completed at least 5 years of teaching in one or more recognised schools must establish clear evidence of their competence in the field. Colleges desiring to admit students under this clause should have applicants undergo assessment from a selection of the following processes: 

(1) Observation/assessment on the job by a team constituted of the JBTE which will conduct the exercise using an approved observation/ assessment schedule. 

(2) Submission of a portfolio which documents competence/accomplishments in the following ways: Representative sampling of work (where applicable) over the three-year period immediately preceding application. 
• Written 500 word account of life history and a vision of their role in education. 
• Documentation to substantiate certificates/ awards obtained in the informal setting, e.g., on-the-job courses. 
• Recommendations from professional educator(s) and person(s) who have supervised him/her in his/her area of competence. 

(3) Examinations to assess learning potential which should include the assessment of candidates’ proficiency in Numeracy and English, unless candidates have approved qualifications in these subjects and/or at least 2 subjects attained through a formal examination system. 

 (ii) The assessment of students for mature entry should take place during the regular college recruitment period. 

 (iii) Students admitted under this clause cannot normally be given advanced placement or any exemptions. However, in the case of applications in practical areas, where there is clear evidence of qualifications which merit exemptions from content area courses, application can be made for consideration to be given. 

(c) Entry to Year II Normally entry to Year II will be restricted to those students who have successfully completed Year I or those who have been given advanced placement as defined at (e). 

(d) Entry to Year III Entry to Year III shall be restricted to those Year II students who have fully completed the specified programme and those who have been given advanced placement as defined at (e). 

(e) Advanced Placement by Credit

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