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Capacity Building of Colleges

This is a focus of the JBTE’s Professional Development seminars and conferences.

There is an annual Conference, generally addressed by well-recognized international and local personalities in education, as well as many seminars and workshops. Among these latter may be included the Boards of Studies meetings (twice annually) which focus on specific subject areas, annual Orientation seminars for new college lecturers, annual seminars for external examiners, Analytical and reflective meetings, specific workshops on various aspects of practice, and annual seminars on quality assurance. 

There are workshops which occur twice annually, as vetting and moderation activities, during which teacher educators work on examination papers, study results, and make recommendations for improvements in teaching and examination techniques.  Sometimes, there is a need for table marking workshops, which ensure that all teacher educators get additional training in marking of examination scripts, and also in setting of good questions.

All these assist in building the capabilities of the staff of colleges, and assist college administrators with improving their capacity, especially in relation to the ever-changing environment in which they work.

The Joint Board of Teacher Education
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